When work meets play

What happens when you've been helping shape (ha!) a beard care brand, and suddenly have the chance to pitch for a video production project?


We got just a little excited. 

I picked up the camera, loaded up our fastest portrait lens (85mm Rokinon f/1.4), and shoved my husband into the bathroom. I'll admit, I was hesitant to use a manual lens, but shooting in 120fps was ridiculously forgiving of my shaky hands! This is also the part where Slog3 became my best friend, as it produced a beautiful dynamic range that I could play with in post, again and again.

Several combs, bits of beard wax and splashes of oil later, I had just the footage I needed to execute this goofy demo. It was probably the fastest project from conception to completion (an evening and the following morning), but it was a blast to work on, and it rekindled my passion for the production side of the industry.

Take a look below!