Waxwing to the Rescue!

From their canine-centric tattoos to the number of tails wagging excitedly at their every homecoming, one thing is certain: Natalie and Brett love dogs. So much so, in fact, that they've devoted their time and love to the ones who need it most - pups with special needs.

California native Natalie Freshour is known as the Texas Dog Wrangler, a canine training and behavioral specialist with a decade of experience under her belt. Brett Sebastian Huffine is a talented welder, avid Volkswagen fan (hey hey!) and a wrangler of both dogs and manly beards.

Together, they're the founders of Hot Mess Pooches Rescue and Sanctuary (and recently engaged, so be sure to congratulate this superhero pair!), taking in dogs with disabilities and giving them a second chance at a fulfilling life.

Brett, Natalie, and two of their proud puppers. Photo by Angie Guerra.

Brett, Natalie, and two of their proud puppers. Photo by Angie Guerra.

But they don't just help rehabilitate four- (or three-) legged friends. Recently, Natalie and Brett partnered up with Krause Children's Treatment Center to train and place rescue dogs in their facility. "One of the best things about doing what I do is having the ability to train rescue dogs to help people! [...] These dogs will serve as live-in therapy dogs to the girls who reside there and will have special jobs like accompanying them to court hearings when they have to face their abusers. I'm so proud of Hot Mess Pooch, Zelda, who will be the first canine resident of Krause," Natalie announced on Facebook.

Expanding their resources has been a top priority, and they'll be moving into a spacious new facility soon - but they need your help to sustain the rescue efforts!

So, where does Waxwing come in? We're happy to announce that 25% of the proceeds for every dog art commission will be going straight to the Hot Mess Pooches! Support a great cause through an artistic ode to your favorite furry friend - it couldn't get any easier!

Nova - Watercolor pencil & ink on watercolor paper, 8x8"

Nova - Watercolor pencil & ink on watercolor paper, 8x8"

Grab a print of Nova from our Society6 storefront, or order your custom puppy portrait right here!

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We'll be sharing our Society6 earnings with Hot Mess, too!
So grab a tote bag and a print, or transform your home decor. You'll be making a big difference.

To donate directly to Hot Mess Pooches Rescue and Sanctuary, click here!