Website Refresh

We don't live, eat and breathe code.
We're not that guy from Swordfish.
We just want to pull your website out of 2002.

If your current website isn't mobile-optimized, you're deterring traffic and losing sales... and, worst of all, making Millennials go "ew"! 

So, how about this...

We can rebuild your site on Squarespace and outfit it with an arsenal of features based on your needs: from commerce to appointment scheduling to showing off whatever it is that you do. 

Have a look below. There will be refreshments and questions near the end!


The Bearded Brethren

To showcase The Bearded Brethren's all-natural beard care product line, we started with a clean layout and fresh photography from our very own mobile studio. Each section of the home page serves to educate visitors on the collections, founding, and purpose of the brand - while a repeated call to action invites them to purchase the products. We've integrated a chat bot from TBB's Facebook page for an even more interactive way to gain information, which feeds directly to TBB's social media management team. If a visitor has questions, they can be answered directly through the website, in real time!

Our Holy Cross Parish... in Polish!

Fighting with the fickle old Wix gallery is now a thing of the past for visitors of the Polish OHC website! Vibrant subpages display relevant information on everything from liturgical and prayer groups to the history of the parish; photo galleries are neatly organized and quick to navigate, and bulletins can be easily updated by authorized users such as the pastor or parish secretary. Don't forget: 50% of Waxwing Media is fluent in Polish, so your translations will always make sense - take that, Google Translate!

Mary Beth's Event Planning (Demo)

Remember when Extreme Makeover was a thing? Mary Beth was unhappy with her old website - bathed in hot pink and plastered with event information in the form of mismatched JPEGs, it needed a wake-up call into the new millennium. And that's exactly what we provided: A more sophisticated layout with a muted color scheme that still displayed a sense of femininity (without hitting you over the head with its' leopard print handbag). Multiple near-empty pages were consolidated for more info in less clicks. And the Events page? Blissful. Past events automatically get bumped down while future events can be added to a visitor's Google Calendar in just two clicks. Neat, huh?

What's included in the website package?

  • A kickass demo of the vision we have for your website refresh, including a fancy PDF proposal outlining our goals and the steps we're taking to get you there. And that's before you say "yes" to the website re-dress (and we're confident that you will).
  • Transferring your assets: Imagine your current website as a mobile home. We go in, rip off the wallpaper, wrap the furniture, gather up all those dusty newspapers... and transfer just the valuables over to your new mansion.
  • A snazzy new domain: Sure, you can keep your current domain (either by transferring it to Squarespace or setting up forwarding), but why not take advantage of grabbing another one at no additional cost for the first year?
  • Features tailored to fit your needs: If you sell things, we'll set up your storefront. If you sell a lot of things, we can get you on a plan to automatically spit out shipping labels. If you book appointments, we'll integrate your (and your clients') Google Calendar through Acuity. If you have a visually-driven portfolio, we'll fine-tune that layout to make your work pop. If you just want a pretty-looking blog (with or without proofreading perks), we've got you covered!

What's not included in the website package?

  • Chanting SEO-related spells: Squarespace does a pretty darn good job to help boost your SEO, but beyond that, we'll defer to the professionals. Our goal is to find the right makeup for your website, not perform a full facial reconstruction.
  • We won't run all of your social media for you (because that's a full time job), but we can absolutely connect you with some vetted virtual assistants who can tackle the task. As a small business, we value the talent that local and national contractors can bring to the table!
  • Soy, wheat, lactose, high-fructose corn syrup, or Scientology. 

Not-so-Frequently Asked Questions

I just renewed my hosting with my current provider. Can't you make a website outside of Squarespace, too?

We sure could, but what we offer is a neat little package to get you up and running quickly and affordably. Plus, we'll help you work with your current provider to request a refund. Besides, Keanu Reeves uses Squarespace, and he's the kindest human being in the universe. Trust Keanu.

I like the idea of a flashy website, but I don't have the time/skill/desire to maintain it. Help?

We're happy to work with clients with a wide range of needs - whether it's just handing over the keys, or actively maintaining your event calendar or blog - and can tailor a low-cost monthly maintenance plan best suited to fit them.

Can I see an a la carte price list?

Not all sites are created equal. Equal in quality, absolutely... but everything from the audit of your current page to all those little add-ons will be included in your initial estimate. 

My [insert relative here] could do it cheaper!

Okay. :)

I have text for my website in mind, but don't have photos. How do you source your photos?

We utilize robust public domain image libraries for photos that not only accentuate your copy, but are full-blown pacifist with the color scheme of the layout. Need product photography beyond those raw iPhone snaps? If you live in the DFW area or are willing to send us samples of your product, we'll be more than happy to spruce up your site with professional product photography. Just contact us if that sounds good to you!

Can you incorporate sales or promo codes into my online store?

Absolutely! We can toggle sale pricing on one or all of your products, as well as set up customized or randomly generated promo codes to reward your customers with.

What about the refreshments you promised at the top of the page?

Those were the refreshed client websites, and we appreciate you getting this far in the NsFAQ! 

Ready to try us out?