Post Production

From conquering fickle codec conversions to cutting a montage that not only targets your demographic but leaves them with a lasting impression of your message, I can deliver a quality product. I've cut case studies, corporate videos, reels, montages and pitch videos and continue to work with many of north Texas' top ad agencies to promote sales growth and brand awareness. I also specialize in commercial trafficking, ensuring that every delivery meets broadcast standards.

- Agnes

Client: Freeman

Twitter's Helen Stoddard, featured as a keynote speaker at this year's Experiential Marketing Summit in Chicago, talks about the importance of creating real connections through brand experience. Agnes edited and colored this sneak peek into marketable storytelling.

Produced by Nametag Films


Client: Funyuns

How do you Voodoo? That's the question posed by Funyuns at the 2015 Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans, LA. Agnes whipped up a quick half-minute showcase of the House of Funyuns - featuring games, prizes, photo ops with performers, and plenty of crunchy, golden goodness.

Produced by D3 / PepsiCo

Client: Native American Management Services

Continuing Motion Content's trend of exploring the human side of businesses and organizations nationwide, we provided a glimpse into NAMS and its track record of providing services to Native American communities and empowering women.

Produced by Motion Content

Client: AT&T

The best prescription for a sizzling sizzle reel is a variety of marketing approaches; here, we see Dieste's collaboration with AT&T through television, print, digital and social media, and events in order to engage their influential Hispanic clientele.

Produced by Dieste

Client: Ohio Ambulance

Recruitment videos don't have to be dry and drab; for Ohio Ambulance, Motion Content teamed up with Agnes to create an impactful exploration of what it takes to work as an EMT - and to show just how rewarding the experience is. 

Produced by Motion Content

Client: Funyuns

In 2015, D3 struck crunchy gold in their utilization of Tumblr as a platform of interaction between Funyuns and its latest generation of fans. 

Produced by D3 / PepsiCo

Client: Clamato

Clamato reintroduced us to the classic michelada in gorgeous, colorful 4K. Agnes assisted on this project, providing support for source footage organization, sound effects, music track selection, graphics, and subtitling. 

Produced by Richards/Lerma

Client: Freeman

"We've taken New York Comic Con to the streets... quite literally." In this collaboration with Nametag Films' Jonah Ingram, ReedPop's Lance Fensterman explains the phenomenon of crowdsourcing this large event beyond its physical borders.

Produced by Nametag Films

Client: CK Contractors & Development

Mix equal parts brawn and brains and you've got a recipe for a reliable, deeply-rooted contracting firm. Here's a fresh look at the business and its expanding repertoire of next-gen technology.  

Produced by Motion Content

Client: D3

In today's social-media driven world, brands have to think outside the box and beyond the tv set. With this sizzle, PepsiCo's own D3 explores creative marketing channels for Funyuns, Tostitos, Stacy's, Cracker Jack, Frito Lay and Rold Gold.

Produced by D3 / PepsiCo

Client: Nissan

Launching the 2013 Pathfinder with the African-American market in mind, Team Ignition needed an original, family-oriented option for headrest entertainment. Utilizing a series of hand-drawn sketches and After Effects, Agnes delivered a stylized rocket ship animation.

Produced by Team Ignition

Client: Pizza Hut

In 2016, Agnes assisted on Pizza Hut's web promos for their new bacon-stuffed crust - featuring SNL's Bobby Moynihan as the Baconnoisseur. A tux, a slice of pizza, and snacktion!

Produced by TracyLocke

Client: Wrangler

In 2015, Agnes cut and animated the second showcase video for Wrangler's latest print collection.